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Express Printing Direct Mail Services

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Pittsburgh Direct Mail SERVICES

  • Inkjet Addressing
  • Folding & Inserting
  • Wafer Sealing
  • Data Processing
  • Move Updates (NCOA)
  • List Management
  • List Acquisition
  • Presorting
  • Mail Fulfillment 
  • Every Door Direct
  • Postage Discounts


Everything we create at Express is meant to make your marketing more effective. Sometimes we get the opportunity to make your life easier and save you money at the same time. Our Direct Mail services eliminate the need to pay standard postage rates. They increase impact and efficiency while reducing wasted time and resources. For your next catalog, brochure, or newsletter, let Express Printing & Graphics design and automate your direct-mail marketing. 

Ready (Design & Writing)

From step one, the direct mail service is a dream. Our graphic designers will help execute your vision for an impactful print piece. We can even provide strategic content if you prefer to leave the writing to the professionals. Whether it’s a postcard, newsletter, brochure, or unique custom format, we’ll bring your vision to life. And we’ll do it with speed, quality, and precision.

Aim (Targeting)

Who you’re sending to is as important as what you’re sending. With graphic design and printing complete, we switch gears and focus on getting those print pieces into the right hands. We can use your company’s mailing list, or tap into our mailing address service to build a targeted mailing list of ideal recipients for your bulk mailing.

Fire (Mailing & Tracking)

Our addressing and mailing service takes the effort out of advertising. With our streamlined design, print, and mailing process, addressing your materials becomes effortless. We take care of distribution so your team can work on what’s important – fielding the new business created by your print materials.

If gathering sophisticated data is important to you, we can integrate PURLs, QR codes, or other highly trackable elements to your mailings. These options give you the impact of a tangible print offering, plus the data benefits of online marketing.

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