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Pittsburgh Vehicle Wraps & Fleet Graphics

Car wraps, truck lettering, and other custom vehicle graphics put your business vehicles on double duty. This cost-effective marketing method turns your fleet into full-time mobile billboards that constantly build visibility and name recognition. At Express, you’ll get the whole package. We’ll design, print, and install your custom vehicle graphics in a seamless process with fantastic results – in a way that works with the rest of your marketing.
2Krew Van

3M Material & Preferred 3M Graphic Installation

We use premium 3M vinyl and laminate and a preferred 3M installer. When it comes to vehicle wraps & graphic installations, experience definitely counts. Our certified installer has wrapped everything from ATM machines to cruise ships and everything in between. If you want your wraps done right, give us a call and we will walk you through the process.


Vehicle graphics achieve advertising without the interruption. It gives you the opportunity to catch individuals who are not in the state of shopping, but doing other things. If your target is sitting in traffic or walking past a parked vehicle, he or she is likely to be in a different state of mind than checking their mail or watching TV. Vehicle advertising is an opportunity for your business to pop up at just the right time.

Custom Fleet Graphics HELP TO Achieve:

  • Increased name recognition
  • Reinforced branding
  • Legitimacy building
  • Widespread visibility
  • Connection during viewer down time
  • Larger-than-life statements


Recognition & Respect for Emergency Vehicles

Emergency vehicle wraps are one of the most valuable applications of custom auto graphics. When police, fire, and other emergency departments give a consistent look to their vehicles, they add authority and cohesiveness to these vital pieces of equipment. These custom graphics are a visual cue for citizens to make way, take care, and pay extra attention.

We have the skills and equipment to design, print, and install your vehicle graphics from start to finish. It would be our pleasure to help outfit your emergency department.


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